LIFESTYLE: Easter Eggs

Happy Good Friday everyone! I don't really know what that means but you know, hope you all have a lovely day and have some super plans for the weekend! I'm looking forward for my 5 whole days off, yup I booked Tuesday off too so I could almost pretend that it's an actual holiday, I'm just not planning on  leaving the country. I am, however, planning to relax away from home and to eat alot! I'm pretty excited.

I'm Jewish so Easter was never really a big deal for me growing up, obvs it never had any religious relevance to me but I did always look forward to it because my parents always go overboard with the chocolate. Any excuse for more chocolate in my house. Since I've been abit older though, and had my own money, I seem to have developed a larger than normal love for Easter eggs. People buy them for me, I buy them for myself haha but my dad is the one when it comes to my Easter eggs. A couple of weeks ago, as he does every year, he came back with 16 of them - apparently they were on sale. LOL. But don't think that's it, they were all Nestle, so that's me stocked up on those for the year, now to get a few Cadbury's ones (and yes, I can definitely tell the difference) and maybe a couple more posh ones if I fancy. So far this year, I've already had 6 but I've got a personal best to beat (28 if you were wondering)

I am 100% sure that they taste better than normal chocolate and I have a theory for that! Yes I do. The chocolate of an egg is thin which means, at the right temperature (more on that in  minute) it has an addictive snap to it, that is why I love Easter eggs. The sound and feel of when you snap it in your hands or bite into it. mmmm SO good. Now lets discuss temperatures! Everyone who I have mentioned about the snap too has just assumed that I keep them in the fridge but that is a complete no-go for me. It might make the crack more intense but it completely ruins the flavour of the chocolate, I hate chocolate out of a fridge. I need it to be cold, but not that cold so I've found the best place to leave my Easter eggs in order for them to get that perfect crack and keep their flavour, is in my brother's bedroom because he's away at uni and his room is always cold.

So that is what I think about Easter eggs. Add me on Snapchat (xxgeorgina18) and see how many I manage over the weekend!
P.S Does anyone else use one little pointy piece of chocolate to draw shapes on the rest of it? 

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  1. Haha, glad I'm not alone with the pointy chocolate drawing! x

  2. I have no easter eggs this year - I'm so sad! :-(

  3. I never got an Easter Egg this year , so i think I will help my son eat his :)


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