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Coconut Oil
So I was a little bit skeptical about this because I literally had no idea what to do with it and every single write up said something different! But never fear, twitter to the rescue - I tweeted and luckily for me I got four of the same replies so I went with that! Melt it into a liquid oil and apply to dry hair, leave for 30 minutes, then wash out. Easy!

I was a little bit stressed and edgy because I have silly thoughts like what if my hair doesn't like it so I washed it out after 15 minutes but even after that I felt a great improvement in my hair, it was much softer than before! So that's me set up for next time, I'll try it for the whole half hour, maybe longer and I'll let you know how it goes, I'm pretty impressed so far.

Diet Coke Freebies
Maybe you've noticed by now that I'm not really big into make up, I don't wear lipstick, I don't wear face foundation, I can live without mascara but one thing I cant go without is my eyeliner! I'm currently using the Barry M blink eyeliner pen but I got a little bit nostalgic when this package from Diet coke turned up at my door. 

That L'Oreal skinny liner was the my first ever piece of make up that was all my own, something that I went out and actually bought for myself so I was very pleased to see it again! I'm not sure why I stopped using it in the first place, I think it was because the Barry M one was just that much cheaper but with this great deal they have on at the moment, maybe its time to stock up again since theyre now the same price!

From 2nd to 29th March, you can pick up a 500ml bottle of Diet Coke and a L’Oréal Super Liner Blackbuster or L’Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner for only £5 at Boots. That’s a 40% saving (RRP £8.36).

Wagamama Ramen
We love Wagas! Andrew has a ramen every single time we go, but I mix it up and order something different most times although I usually stick between cha han, teriyaki donburi and the famous chicken katsu curry. As you can see, I like my rice, I think thats probably why I havent picked a ramen dish for years now!

During March though, Wagas are celebrating their ramen and thought it was about time that I tried one! They have been perfecting the dish for over 20 years now and invited me along to have one so obviously, I took my ramen expert with me! His favourite is the wagamama ramen so that's what I ordered. Along came a huge bowl of steamy broth packed full with chicken, pork, prawns and mussels, I could see why it's his favourite - there is so much in the bowl! As well as all that meat they also throw in noodles, half a tea-stained egg, menma and spring onions. I was stuffed!

 Andrew decided to be a bit adventerous this time and went for the new short rib version which features a huge chunk of meat! Look how pleased he is with himself! haha 

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