LIFESTYLE: Limited Edition Chocolate Treats

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg
Guys, I have a whole post to bring you up to date with how I feel about Easter eggs coming next week (yep, I thought it needed a whole post) but in the meantime, I thought it was only right for me to show you my recent gift from the guys at Hotel Chocolate. It's a little bit posher than the ones I'm used to - I rarely get posh Easter eggs because I just get through too many to spend alot on each one so this was a real treat! They've sent me one of their caramel scrambled eggs. It's a hollow caramel chocolate egg decorated with chocolate drizzles in a posh box with matching drizzled  pralines, cute. This was definitely the one for me since my new found love for anything they do caramel flavored.

The description says perfect for sharing but we all know that's not going to happen.

Dirty Martini Choctails
Everyone knows I'm a big of a fan of Dirty Martinis Chocolate Martini so I was very excited to hear that they have two other chocolate cocktails on offer over Easter! I took Georgia along with me to sample as I know she has a totally different taste to me, lets be honest, she is much more grown up that I am.

Georgia went for the White Rabbit and I had the Maltease. First thing first, they both looked pretty good - as I said, Georgia went for the grown up sounding one spiced rum, dark chocolate bitters and it looked it when it arrived! It came in such a classy little glass! It was fruity thanks to the Solerno Blood Orange and had a bit of a Terrys chocolate orange vibe going on. It was also quite thick and super smooth from to the egg mixed into it. 

Mine looked good for another reason, I felt like I'd just ordered dessert and any cocktail with Nutella and whipped cream in the description has gotta be a winner right? Right! It looks like a little kids cocktail which is me all over and it tasted really good - once I licked all the cream off with my finger (classy I know) and finally got to try it. It was rich and creamy and delicious with just a little kick. 

Available from 14th – 28th March

Easter Cupcake at Hummingbird Bakery
For me, Hummingbird Bakery do the best cupcakes. The sponge across all flavours is delicious, light and fluffy, they always look incredible and they are so generous with the frosting, I just cant enjoy a cupcake the same when I am trying to ration the frosting on each bite haha.

Every cake I've ever had from them has been delicious so I can safely say these limited edition Easter designs would make the perfect Easter treat and a pretty special alternative to another Easter Egg! For £20.25 you get a box of 6, hand decorated cupcakes or you can buy them for £3.55 each. Obvs, I picked up six including two red velvet, two chocolate and two vanilla made in a selection of designs. I'll have to admit, the vanilla ones with the sparkly chocolate toppings look delicious but red velvet are my all times fave so I'll be saving one of those for myself!

Available from 18th to 28th March.

Krispy Kreme Cookie Dough and Brownie Batter Doughnuts
So a box of the new flavours arrived for me at work on Thrusday and they certainly didnt last long - there were already two missing by the time I got from the post room back to my desk haha. I was most excited by the cookie dough one so I grabbed one of those before the swarm erupted! Luckily, one of the girls only wanted half so I shared a brownie batter one with her too! Obvs had to try both.

The toppings on both were lovely, covered in a thin layer of milk or white chocolate and sprinkled with either crunchy cookie pieces and chocolate chips or chocolate brownie chunks. Surprisingly enough, I have never had a filled doughnut before, I'm a ring kinda girl so this was my first! I was very impressed with the taste of the cookie dough one, the filling was unmistakably cookie dough and it was delicious! I'll be honest though, I was expecting there to be alot more filling in both. I kinda just assumed that I picked the wrong half of the chocolate one and that my friend, Aarti, got a half a doughnut with a whole load of filling but I had the same issue when I bit into my other one. 

The flavour of the cookie dough filling did save it for me though and I would happily buy another one just for the taste, it really is delicious!

Available February 22nd - April 17th
P.S Head over to my twitter - I'm giving away 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts!


  1. Omggg those Krispy Kremes, I love alll the sweet treats at Easter!

    Sophie x

  2. The hotel chocolat egg looks amazing! I love that company


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