Things | March 2nd

Biscuiteers For Mothers Day
Biscuiteers biscuits are some of my favourite things to receive as a gift and knowing full well that I get my ridiculous sweet tooth from my mum, (she actually eats more crap than I do) I'm pretty sure they would be a great little extra gift for her for Mothers day later this week!

I picked the super woman themed box because she is a super mum (and they're chocolate biscuits mm) but there are all sorts to choose from make up shaped biscuits (I bought her the real thing instead since I heard she was running out of her MAC gel liner) to a box of butterflies, flowers or even tea cups - all super cute but I liked the super woman set for its brighter colours as alot of them are pastel. 

As soon as I saw this fab card I knew she would love it so I picked it up in Paperchase earlier this week. I bought her a doughnut one for her birthday and she loves fabs so it was perfect!

Costa Crumpets
This week I popped into Costa on the way to the station and picked up some crumpets. Did you guys know that they did crumpets?! News to me but they were delicious. I havent had them in years so I took advantage and completely smothered with butter and then jam. I started off eating them in the shop but I was going to be late for work so the Costa girls gave me a takeaway bag and I hopped on the tube to work and finished them off there. What a great start to the day!

Work Anniversary
Today, the 2nd of March to be exact, marks my one year anniversary working at Zenith. Actually it marks my one year anniversary working all together. This time last year I was at breaking point, I had been unemployed for 16 months and it was really affecting me, I didn't go to uni and I was feeling so hopeless. But then all of a sudden this job came out of nowhere (literally I didn't even apply for it) and changed my life. I can't believe it was a whole year ago. In that time, I've definitely gotten better at mornings, I now know how to do keyword research, I experienced my first work Christmas party and I think I've got a bit more confident as a person which is a great bonus!

New Business Cards
I finally got a new batch of business cards this week! The look very similar to my old ones except they are much thicker and have the right twitter and instagram handles on them now. Pllus they also have my pink and white stripes on the back!

I got them from Aura Print and one thing I liked about working with them was that I had contact with one of the guys through the whole process of designing and making them. He was very confused about what I wanted (all I asked for was the same stripes as my blog background at the time) but replied to each of my emails straight away so we managed to get exactly what I wanted sorted in about 15 emails over one afternoon! By the end of the afternoon, I was totally happy with the design, they look exactly how I wanted although when they arrived yesterday, I wasn't 100% convinced with the colour print as it's a more grainy than I was hoping for so that's something to keep in mind.

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