BEAUTY: POREfessional Wipeout Masks By Benefit

I'm not huge on make up but I always love a new Benefit release, the products and always new and innovative and the packaging is just something else! Benefit packaging is always so pretty and these wipeout masks, new addition to their POREfessional range, for spring 2016 are no exception. I love the POREfessional green and how each mask looks like a top secret file but I especially love the fun element of having to press the button and soak the mask yourself - you have to push pretty hard but it is so satisfying when it finally pops.

Once that was done, we gave the a little squish around to make sure the mask was fully soaked (Andrew did one with me haha not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning) and then I went ahead and peeled open the pack. As the instruction said, we put on the mask, smooth side down and then sat back and relaxed for 10 minutes. I had heard from alot of people that they really stung your skin and eyes especially so I was a little bit weary and made Andrew put it on first but we were pleasantly surprised when all we felt was a slight tingle, although there was a pretty strong medical smell to them, but that was nothing really. 

With stats like 94% said it cleans out pores and 89% said skin looks smooth printed on the pack, they had a lot to live up to! It also said they also contain mushroom extract which is known to clarify pores so I was hoping for a good result on that too. So what did we think? To be honest, we didn't see much happening in the way of cleaning out the pores and removing dirt and blackheads which was a shame but they were absolutely great for getting shine under control control, I could see a difference on both Andrew and myself as soon as we took them off. I also liked that you could use the rougher side of the mask afterwards to exfoliate the skin and wipe everything off. Maybe a little pricey at £24.50 for a pack of eight and being recommended that you use twice a week but I would definitely keep them on hand to pop out every once in a while when I am feeling particularly oily!
P.S Did you find my hidden photo of Andrew? haha
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