LIFESTYLE: A Stay at The Montcalm, Marble Arch

Ok so I've finally got a little post together on our recent hotel visit. I love when Andrew decides it's time for another hotel break, we spend the whole night on the phone going through hotel websites picking out our favourite room and deal and it's so much fun (we actually did the same this last night, you'll have to wait to see where we booked next). This time we came across the Montcalm Marble Arch hotel which looked lovely and also had a great deal on for valentines. Along with the room, we got a massage each, a bottle of champagne, a bunch of flowers, chocolate truffles and strawberries plus a champagne breakfast in the morning which was really great for the price! We were also lucky enough to receive and incredible room upgrade when we arrived!

We decided to start making the most of the whole day, not just starting at check in so we were up bright and early for breakfast at Carluccios. We found one quite near to the hotel, in St Christophers Place which was the most magical little side road hidden in between two shops on Oxford Street. I had to literally walk Andrew over to the alley before he noticed where I meant. We also had the best breakfast, I would definitely recommend Carluccios as everything was delicious.

I took my new case on its debut outing for this trip and it didn't disappoint! After years and years of using my old family cases I had had enough of walking around with grubby black cases - think broken wheels and handles falling off - So I got a brand new one from Antler!

It's my first with those clever wheels and I don't think I'll ever go back, life is just so much easier now that the case actually moves where I want it to! Mine is bright red, which was perfect for our Valentines day weekend but of course it came in a range of colours. Its hard and sturdy and the inside even has zip up compartments and a strap. I am just not used to this kind of luxury when it comes to cases. As you can tell, I'm pretty pleased with it.
After brunch, we were off to the hotel! The reception was so big and modern, plus it was warm which was lovely to come in to from the cold outside
The receptionist was very excited to tell us that we had been upgraded to one of her favourite rooms in the hotel so we couldn't wait to go up and see it! 

We went up into a lovely big room, it opened out with a huge four poster double bed in the middle and a big bathroom with a bath - heaven! I was pretty pleased with that, but there was more! The lady opened an adjoining door which took us into the room next door giving us another toilet and shower and a whole living room area with a sofa, TV and dining table, it really was such a treat!
We didnt have much time to settle in as we were straight off the to spa for the afternoon but made the most of our room on return - we got comfy and ordered room service for lunch! 
 I spent the afternoon in my new lounge wear from NEXT - Super soft tracksuit bottoms and a baggy V neck tee with the cutest fluffy flip flop slippers!
Of course later in the afternoon it was time to take advantage of the lovely big bath! We filled it right to the top and dropping in a bath bomb. As I said here, I also brought along my favourite shower gel plus my Toni & guy hair mask, I probably should have added that to my essentials post because my hair just cant do without it any more! The hotel had the cutest little Hermes toiletries as well!
and that took us through to the evening! It was a Saturday so all the good TV was on, we ordered a chinese, popped open the champagne and settled down for a relaxed night in our lovely room finished off with tea and biscuits! Andrew likes a good old English tea but had my chocolate digestives with an Ahmad green tea. Mcvities sent over a box of them the day before the celebrate the launch of their Ikitten app - go download it, its as cute as it sounds! 
We had a lovely sleep in that huge white bed, it was one of the best hotel nights sleep we've had actually and I wasn't too upset to get out of it either, not when it was to open the door to breakfast and two more glasses of champagne! 
I couldnt decide what I wanted so the obvious answer was to just order both right? Andrew got a fry up and I went for a plate of fruit and pancakes! Totally different for me, I usually go straight in for the eggs florentine but I just had an urge for pancakes and it paid off, they were so delicious, I loved their crunchy edges and soft, fluffy center!
We had sorted out a late check out so after breakfast, it was back to bed! P.S how cute are my F&F pyjamas?!
We had a lovely weekend and would recommend if you are looking for super value for money! We were pretty impressed with the price when it just meant a normal room but are so grateful to The Montcalm for our upgrade! 


  1. wonderful day!Such good replicas! x
    high fashion // Glance at here

  2. Looks lovely and posh 🎉😀

  3. I've been in there for the UK Blog Awards evening last year - I think it's the same one?

    Didn't see the rooms though and they look lush. Great packing skills hehe ;)

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture and category manager at The Olive Fox


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