FASHION: New Look Denim Dress

When New Look asked me to pick out some denim to style obviously, my initial thought was jeans - what else is there?! But I have SO many pair of jeans that I decided to do a little research before I just picked out another pair and found that there actually is more than jeans - there was tops, dresses, jackets and skirts - so much choice! So I went for something different.

I picked this out, not only because I like the skater shape of the dress but because I loved how it was styled on the site. I have never worn anything like that before, I thought it looked reaalllyy cute! 

My plan was to wear it with a grey short sleeve crop top underneath and white converse, exactly like the styling on the site but when it all arrived and I put it together, I just didn't like it the same. I wanted to stick with the same casual look and the layering vibe so I went through my crop top shelf until I found something that worked. I pulled out my white crop and switched the converse up for my favourite vans circa 2009 LOL. Yes I did buy myself a new pair recently and I have been wearing them most days actually. 

I have never layered in my life so this is a first and I actually really like it! I will definitely be wearing it like this more through the summer but maybe switching it up for something a little thicker until then!


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