LIFESTYLE: Share A Smile

A couple weeks ago, Oasis Dental Care contacted me about their Share A Smile campaign - The idea is to get everyone thinking about others and making them smile, which is a lovely idea! They gave me some money and left it up to me to make someone smile anyway I fancied - and of course I knew exactly who I would like to do something nice for, I just had to think of something!

Andrew is my boyfriend of 5 years (As I'm sure you all know by now) and he is the best! He treats me so well and is always looking for places to go out and lovely things for us to do together and all sorts of little treats! So I wanted to treat him to something nice. I know he has been after a new pair of smart shoes for a while, his last pair are all old and battered and he never spends any money on himself so it was a perfect opportunity for me to get them as a surprise for him. 

Thankfully, he loves them and it looks like Molly did too haha now I just need to plan a nice night for us that he can wear them for!

Huge thanks for Oasis Dental Care for the opportunity to treat someone I love!

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