LIFESTYLE: Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb

Since its getting so cold now, I love to have a nice hot bath at Andrews whenever I get the chance! Last weekend I took my Sparkler Bath Bomb over to use.  Good timing since there were fireworks going off all night!

The bath bomb itself if a long, yellow, log shape and at first I wasn't too excited about this one as it looked a bit plain on the outfits but since mine was broken in half I could see the secret golden line running though the middle which was very exciting!

As I dropped in into the bath the golden glitter started shooting out of each end pushing it each half spinning around the bath. It smelt very similar to the Rose Jam shower gel and starts off very yellow and orange and quite creamy but once you mix it together you get a golden bath with lots of glitter which I loved!

Have You Used Lush's Sparkler?


  1. This looks amazing! I still need to head down to Lush and get myself some of the Christmas stock. x

    Under Blue Lights

  2. ah i really need to get to lush and stock up!

    from helen at

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  3. Oh my gosh that is absolutely beautiful, I only have a shower here so I can't use them but might have to get a few when I am visiting my family xxx


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