FASHION: New Look Style

This post has seriously been a long time coming but it was such bad timing and I have taken forever which is unusual for me! I got sent it the week I had a cold, then the next week Andrew caught it so he couldn't take my photos and then he was ill for nearly a month so I've decided to show the clothes without us in them this time although I am going to try to get some proper photos when everything is back to normal!

I picked out these blue jeans which is a first for me, I wear jeans so often but they are always black so when I thought I might try to push myself with a blue pair from New Look! They are a lovely shade and are acid washed. They are super stretchy and comfy and I love them! Finally a pair of blue jeans that I like! I also picked out this maroon peplum (Similar Here) top as they are so easy to put on and look great in - I love peplum shapes. Then when I saw the burger clutch, I couldn't resist - They now have loads of them in all sorts of foods like milkshakes (£12.99) and doughnuts (£12.99). This is a perfect kind of date night look for me and the peplum means I could eat a salad if I liked or I could eat a cheese burger and knowone would know any different - Its a great shape for hiding bloating!
And they also asked me to pick something for Andrew which was lovely! I didn't even know that New Look had a menswear section?! I loved the simple print on this plain white tee (Only £9.99) and I picked a pair of grey chinos (£19.99) to wear it with!

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  1. I love peplums and the burger clutch is amazing. Best clutch I've ever seen haha



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