LIFESTYLE: Bens Cookies, Oxford Street

Since I've become cake obsessed on this blog lately, I though it's about time for a change! How about some cookies instead haha? But not just normal cookies, oh no, Bens cookies have been my favorite ever since I first had one. They aren't normal chocolate chip cookies, they are chocolate CHUNK cookies. They are huge and gooey and yummy and usually when I get one from the shop, they have just come out of the oven are are still warm and melty mmmmm.

I spotted one of their stores outside work a few weeks ago that I never realised was there before! Of course, I had to pop in for a little treat, I got a bit carried away and came out with a whole bag to take home haha but when I saw the prices for a big box, it totally made sense. They usually price them on weight so one cookie is between £1.30 and £1.70ish or you could just buy a box of 15 for £15 - totally worth it. 

You would have thought 15 would last a little while, but as I've said before, no food lasts long in my house - I picked a whole load of flavours (they have 15 in total) but most of them were milk chocolate chip because those are my favourite. My brothers and my dad all took a few each, my mums friends came over and couldn't resist and Molly even go involved hoovering up all the crumbs and sitting in front of anyone eating giving them the puppy dog eyes until she got some so they pretty much got finished off within two days haha. Yummmmm


  1. Yum!! These cookies look delicious! Cookies don't last much around my house :D


  2. Mmm, I love Ben's cookies, I am a regular at the one in Bristol and the one in Bath! Ben and I love the coconut ones, and their ginger chunk one is just amazing...aah, I really want one right now!

  3. These look delicious! I wish they had a store where I live.
    sammy xx

  4. I have heard a lot about these cookies. Hopefully, the next time I find myself in London, I can remember this place.

  5. I used to work around the corner from this particular store and my colleague and I were constantly in there! Such gorgeous, warm gooey cookies! Can't beat 'em!


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