FASHION: Knitwear Wants

Ok so now its really getting cold and its a time of year that I find reaally hard to dress for. Basically I dont care what it looks like as long as I'm warm and usually that means thick knitted jumpers. So its probably about time that I get myself some nice ones so I don't have to think about it - just out of bed, jumper, jeans and I'm ready to go.

1 - Esprit - £29.99 
Love the V neck on this one and lots of room for more layers underneath and its a little bit glittery!

2 - Boohoo - £15.00 
Perfect thick knit, Great price and It comes in 13 colours - I want them all.

3 - Topshop - £42.00 
I love velvet and I love the design. This is so nice.

4 - ASDA - £14.00 
How cute is this for a christmas jumper! Not tacky at all - I love Christmas jumpers.

5 - Matalan - £10.00
Isn't this the coolest jumper ever, from matalan would you believe and only £10?!

6 - New Look - £28.00 
I love anything black and white, I love the huge contrast between the two!

7 - Jane Norman - £35
Ahh finally I've found a longer one. I love to wear things like this as a dress with long boots!

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