LIFESTYLE: Five Guys, Harlow

I was super excited when I heard a new Five Guys was opening up in my little local shopping town, every time my mum and I walked past the sign we would chat about the photos I'd seen on instagram (You guys like this place, and now I know why) and that Andrew had been and told me all about it and since neither of us had tried it before we agreed to go as soon as it opened! So what a lovely surprise I got an email from them asking if I would like to go and review the brand new store?! Of course I brought my mum come along to try it out!

I thought it was a sit down restaurant but you go up to the counter and order the same as you would for a normal fast food burger - but I kid you not - this is not a normal English fast food burger. We were very confused but the lovely staff talked us though the process - we wanted burgers, (they do hot dogs and sandwiches as well) so first you pick if you want a plain, cheese, bacon or bacon and cheese, then if you want one patty or two (we went for two each, obvs) then there are so many different topping and sauces that you order at the till. We ordered a small chips each which neither of us ended up finishing - they were huge, you get so many in one portion! Next up my mum asked for a diet coke and I went for a bottle of water. The woman looked at us like we were crazy and asked if we knew about the coke machine, she gave us what we asked for plus some extra cups and told us we haaave to try it! 

She was right haha its the coolest thing I have ever seen! I never drink fizzy drinks which is why I ordered a water in the first place but this machine is my new favourite thing haha. You pick, say a coke, fine, click on the touch screen, then the next screen asks if you want raspberry, vanilla, orange, cherry the options go on and on! I opted for a strawberry sprite which was so good and pink. I had to go back and try a different one so I went for a grape fanta the second time round, doesnt grape soda just sounds so American?!

We took out food and exciting new drinks upstairs and emptied it all out on to a serviette, opened up the huge foil wrapped burgers and got started! The buns were super yummy, soft and seeded and the two thick, juicy patties inside were dripping with melted cheese. I added grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and ketchup to mine and it was such a good burger and the chips were just as good with their skin on, mmm.

 We will 100% be going back to our new local Five Guys whenever we can and ordering the exact same thing - We loved it!


  1. Ah I go here far more often that is needed. Loving having one in my hometown!

  2. Am Kot usually a fast food fan but I have to try this. It's in Harlow? Can you park close by? Xx

  3. Oh myyyy I have heard such good things but never been it looks amazingggg xxx


  4. OMG I work 30 secs from the Covent Garden branch :) when I finish my whole30 I will pay them a visit for sure after reading this! The queues are always so long there...the first time I went was unplanned...I happened to be cycling past and for the first time ever there was no queue so I jumped off my bike, locked it up and headed in :) the rest is history!

  5. That looks really good. Next time I am in London I will try it. Do they have veggie options?

  6. I go to Uni in Harlow and now I've seen this opened, I well and truly need to try a Five Guys burger! Sounds and looks damn delicious. I've followed you on Bloglovin and going to on twitter as well, I received a list of bloggers that are attending the M&Co event and you were one of them - I've never been to an event before so looking forward to meeting you! xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  7. My husband loves five guys! the burgers are too much for me (too greasy and too big) but their fries are delicious... (i'm sure just as greasy but whatever lol) the first time i saw that soda machine i was like WOAH THE FUTURE IS HERE... it's pretty cool :P


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