LIFESTYLE: Easter At The Mondrian, London

Last year, I didn't really take any notice of bank holidays until they rolled around and I found myself with an extra day off and absolutely nothing to do. I ended up getting quite frustrated because most times, I would just end up wasting the day at home, very bored. That was especially true last Easter - two whole extra days off and nothing to do? Needless to say, I spent most of napping, waking up only to eat Easter eggs and then fall back asleep again. After that, I promised myself that I was never going to let a bank holiday pass again without having properly thought about how I wanted to spend it.

This year, we decided to make up for that buy squeezing as much as activity as we could fit in over one weekend. We went to The Ivy Grill for breakfast and YO Sushi and Big Easy for dinner but in between all of that, we booked ourselves in at The Mondrian for two nights stay!
As well as staying in their smaller rooms in the past, we have had the amazing opportunity to stay in a couple of their biggest rooms so going back to a mid level room, I was a bit worried that it was be a little disappointing. But of course, it wasn't and it just shows that you don't have to stay in the biggest most delux room to get the full luxury of the hotel! This time we stayed in a river view suite and it was the perfect base for our weekend!

The room features a super soft, king size bed with a big TV opposite, gotta be comfy for all that come dine with me! They also always leave us a couple of bottles of water next to our bed which is nice!
Next door was a separate living room area which had a big sofa, an arm chair, another TV, a desk, a whole load of snacks and dining table and chairs as well. How incredible is the decor?! As can be expected with all of the furniture is custom designed by Tom Dixon, I love every single room we've stayed in.
We were lucky enough to have two different bathrooms again! One with just a toilet and sink (that was Andrews one) and the other had that plus a rainfall shower and huge roll top bath. Two bathrooms makes such a difference to our stay - it meant that I could spend as long as I wanted in the bath (and I did) without Andrew interrupting for a wee or to brush his teeth.
The rooms are all lovely and bright thanks to the big windows in both the bed and living rooms, these let in a huge amount of natural light and also give way to the most incredible view over London and the Thames.
I loved to sit staring out of those windows whenever I had a spare few minutes
We were lucky enough to be left a lovely note and bottle of champagne by the hotel staff so after our venture to Covent Garden for dinner, we decided that we were going to take advantage of the living room and pop it open with a film. Luckily, The Heat was just starting as we got settled but in the past we have used their in room film download service! It was so easy and something like £7 to download a film - we watched Bad Neighbors last time.
The next morning we were up bright and early to go to the gym! That not something you would normally hear me say but with all the food that we eating that weekend, Andrew thought it would be a good idea. This was actually my first ever trip to a gym but it didn't take long for me to get started! The equipment was really easy to use!

After a good 40 minutes there, we were back up to the room, washed and ready for breakfast by 10! The breakfast at all three London Morgans hotels is always amazing but I think the Sea Containers is just a little bit more my style plus the big windows mean, like the room, it was full of natural night and a lovely view over Southbank.

Andrew went up and picked from the buffet whilst I went for the a la cart menu - it was a hard choice between mashed Avocado on Charred Toast with cherry tomatoes & soft boiled egg (you know me) or the Crab Scrambled Eggs on Toast with avocado & cherry tomatoes.
but as you can see, I went for the crab! I decided that since we were there for two days, I could get the crab today and the avo tomorrow but it was just so good that I got the same thing all over again the next day! I really enjoyed it and it kept me full until dinner that evening with the exception of a green juice and a cookie. We usually order breakfast as room service but this weekend, we ate in the restaurant with our juice and hot drinks, it was lovely to watch people come and go along the southbank.

After breakfast we went for a walk and stumbled across a food market where I got my juice and a huge cookie! Theres always something going on around there. As I said, we rest of the weekend was spend wandering around the area and eating. Here's a few photos from the rest of our weekend:
There aren't that many as we did spend alot of time in the room, relaxing in bed and watching one episode of man vs food after the other! We did the same thing again the next morning before packing up ready to leave! Not without one last moment spent looking out at the view whilst finishing off my Easter egg!
As always we had an incredible stay at The Mondrian and yes, I am actually looking at out next trip back already!

How Was Your Easter?


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