LIFESTYLE: Saturday Night with Money Supermarket

With Britain's Got Talent starting last week, Money Supermarket got in touch regarding their new advert which was planned to play during the first ad break! The Money Supermarket ads are always hilarious and I actually love BGT, its my favourite of all the Saturday night shows so of course Andrew and I were going to watch it anyway, luckily for us they asked me to throw a party and invite some friends round so we could all watch it together.

Andrew took charge and decided we were going to going to have a themed night, he wanted everyone to feel like they had stepped into a world of luxury so he decided he was going to welcome our guests in style by getting dressed up to hand them a glass of champagne as they arrived.

Party prep started at 4pm - we made another trip to Tesco (I've written three blog posts today and mentioned our trips to Tesco in each one - very exciting stuff) to pick up supplies - we decided on a takeaway for later on so it was just a matter of lots of alcohol for the boys and lots of snacks for me! 

 I was going to make brownies but I didnt have time so I settled on chocolate dipping strawberries as my little bit of cooking for the evening! Also on a silver dish since Andrew was taking this theme thing pretty seriously now.
I finished my strawberries and stuck them in the fridge before our guests started to arrive! Andrew gave them their champagne and took them through to the front room where we settled down for the evening with our snacks!
The night was loads of fun with BGT keeping us entertained and a huge indian feast for dinner afterwards!

Havent seen the ad yet? Check it out! Whos your favourite?

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