FASHION: Completely Converse

Ooh how exciting, it just so happens that I'm wearing this top for work today, what a coincidence! I'm wearing it today, with black jeans and my black and white converse though because obvious, its raining.

Along with the top (and the tracksuit bottoms below), I actually also ordered my first ever pair of leather converse trainers - but they are bright white and didnt go too well with the rest of my outfit so I swapped them out for one of my many other pairs of converse! They are seriously going to be perfect for summer though, I loved wearing my white canvas ones last year but the leather ones just have that luxe look about them.

 I currently have seven pairs of converse on the go in all sorts of colours. I have been known to have three pairs of the classic black and white low tops at the same time as well! I think I've mentioned it before but I would say they are my most worn style of shoe (RE: first paragraph) and I never want to be with out a pair so thats why I keep three! One's usually covered in mud from when I ignored my dad telling my that the place we walk Molly has turned into a swamp, another pair for everything else, work, shopping, traveling - all sorts and a last pair brand new in the box ready for when they are needed! They are perfect for day to day whatever the weather.

This outfit is weekend me all over! With Andrew and I, unless we are going somewhere posh, it's all about comfort at the weekend and this outfit is major - perfect for our morning tescos run for smoothie ingredients and flowers, maybe a walk around the park, lunch at a cute little countryside cafe and more recently, a few trips to the travel agent whilst we try to decide on holidays for the year!


  1. I love converse it's such a staple part of my outfit!

  2. Ahh I just love Converse so much. Such a versatile brand, I like to wear my converse with pretty much anything from jogging bottoms to skater dresses in the Summer.
    These red ones are so cute!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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