#FlavoursOfLisbon with Monarch Airlines

I did loads of cooking classes last year and although I did enjoy them, it started to get a bit samey, you know what I mean? Especially when I cant even cook in the first place! But it's been a while since I've done a good old cooking class so when an invitation to a Portuguese one to celebrate Monarch’s new flight path to Lisbon popped into my inbox earlier this week I was ready to give cooking another go and very excited to try something different!
We made pork and clam stew and then Portuguese custard tarts for dessert! Dessert over starters Every. Single. Day.

We chopped and we mixed and we burnt some custard (yes, that was my fault - sorry team) and then we all sat down to eat.
The stew was surprisingly good - I don't usually like pork but it had loads of flavour!
 I was in a huge rush to get home so I had to leave before the custard tarts were served but I did get to take one with me which made for a very enjoyable tube journey. It was still hot and so delicious, I've never had one before but I am a real fan now

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