LIFESTYLE: New Dishes at YO! Sushi

After a cheeky YO! Sushi date with Andrew on Saturday night I was back again, to the Southbank branch the following Wednesday for the launch party for Babymetals new album! They played the music through the store whilst we sat down and tried even more of the new dishes! YO have only recently updated the whole menu and there's loads of delicious new dishes! I'm going to talk you through my favourites!
It was the perfect evening for a little party, I popped along after work and the sun was still shining! I think the Southbank branch has such a lovely atmosphere, especially when the leave the doors open.
As for Babymetal, I knew they were Japanese metal but I'd never heard their music before. I listen to metal sometimes and I thought the girls gave it a super fun and kinda cute edge. Anyway, back to the food - there is just something so excited about looking out for a dish that looks tasty and pulling it off of the conveyor belt to eat. I love YO! Sushi.
With two trips to this branch last week, I've managed to try quite a few of the new dishes now. My favourite would have to be the chicken wings - four wings on pink dish (pink dishes mean £4.15) and they were delicious. The first time, we were meant to share but Andrew ate most of them before I even got a chance, so on my second trip I made sure that I got some for myself! Moist, juicy chicken with a lovely, crispy and well seasoned skin. This dish is going to be a firm favourite!
I also really enjoyed both the Seabass Nanbanzuke and pork belly dishes. These dishes were both pretty similar, both on pink dishes and both, sweet and sour style on top of a huge pile of rice. The sea bass was really sweet but I loved it, the flaky white fish was something totally different for YO but it was really tasty! The big chunks of pork belly and daikon were in more of a sticky, sweet and sour sauce but just as delicious!
I loved that I also had the opportunity to try a few dishes that weren't necessarily new to the menu but new to me. I finally gave in and tried the strange chocolate balls that I see every time I visit. They're chocolate mochi and tbh I'm pretty upset I didn't try them sooner! They were absolutely delicious - like gooey chocolate truffles with chewy glutenous outside. Sadly no photo as they were gone in seconds.

Another new dish I tried was the Salmon and yuzu tartar topped with salmon roe. I wouldn't usually order as it was one of the £6 yellow dishes but after trying it, I actually think it is worth the money! It was quite large to start with and wasn't something you can eat all in one go so it lasted me the whole meal!
I've just spotted Salmon Teriyaki on the menu which I'm pretty sad I missed, thats definitely my kinda dish so I'll be back for one of those soon!

After stuffing myself silly on all my favourite new finds, I left YO at 7pm to this
It was just so lovely that I decided to walk back to Liverpool Street which was a good hour of sunset watching! All in all; A really lovely evening!

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  1. What a lovely sunset, and delish food!


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