Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish

Coconut has taken over the health and beauty scene in recent years and with its many benefits it makes sense that so many brands are jumping on board. The oil can be used for everything from making your hair super soft to removing make up, whitening your teeth and even cooking - while coconut water is packed with simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals which help keep your body hydrated.

Barry M are always working on new and innovative formulas so it wasn't a surprise that their latest release is infused with both coconut oil and coconut water. Introducing the Coconut Infusion Range. 

L-R: Flamingo, Surfboard, Tiki Hut, bikini,Starfish, Laguna, Skinny Dip, Aloha & Sunkissed
I went along to the press launch which happened to be a yummy coconut themed breakfast held on Soho rooftop on a pretty lovely, sunny day! We started with coconut smoothies, I had a chocolate and banana one, followed by a fruit salad with coconut chips, granola with coconut yoghurt and raw honeycomb (yum) and I went for the healthy option so, buckwheat and quinoa porridge - that's a 4 course breakfast guys - I was stuffed afterwards. The perfect way to start the day because in case you haven't noticed yet, I love breakfast!
Of course we were introduced to the polishes there but I couldn't wait to get them home so I could give them a try! I took home the cutest goodie bag with all of the polishes, some more of my favorite vita coco coconut oil, coconut water and this beauty - its a phone charger!
Now for the polish! First impressions? I love the packaging, from the pretty colour of the lids to the cute coconut font on the front. As for the colours, I firstly described them as dirty looking pastels, do you know what I mean? Although it was a different story when I started to use them, they were very fresh, bright pastels, not too pale and not dirty looking at all.

 Barry M advise that you apply these without a base coat so that the Coconut in the formula can penetrate straight into you nails helping to hydrate and nourish them. Who has time for a base or even a top coat anyway?! I never use either.

I don't often have a gel manicure because I sometimes react to it but that means that I am always on the look out for a polish that can give me a similar look, that shine is a hard thing to replicate and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from these in the way that they'd look because they are about the nourishment but I was seriously impressed with how shiny these polishes are. And even more impressed with how long they stayed shiny for, it lasted for the whole time the polish was on.
I started off with Laguna because blue is my fave. I think my one had a bit of a dodgy brush because the others didn't look like that but even so, the formula is so easy to maneuver that I didn't have too much of a problem, it went on so smoothly and also dried really quickly which is a big plus.
Theres not much I can tell you about how they affect my nails at the moment but hopefully with a few uses, my nails will start to see the benefits!

Whats Your Favourite Shade?


  1. Oooh is that Laguna, I love that shade on you! x

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