Date Night In London & Haagen-Dazs New Sticks

Andrew and I go out for dinner more than anyone else we know, last week we ended up eating out four times, you know pizza express, nandos, the usual. But every now and then date night comes around and we fancy somewhere a little bit nicer. We may have been together for almost 7 years now but we still love date night!
Our last one was a few months ago now; Andrew took me for dinner at the Savoy Grill and afterwards we went for a little wander and ended up drinking cocktails at the ME hotel before jumping in an uber home - date night always means a cab all the way home back to Essex. But as I said, that was a few months ago so we were in need of our next, which came around again on Saturday.

We decided to go back to one of our favourites - Gaucho. We've actually been to quite a few of the branches in London but the Piccadilly circus one is definitely our favourite - it has the best atmosphere and I also really love the building that it's in! We visit here at least two or three times a year and we even booked it for NYE a couple of years ago as well.
It was a lovely warm evening in London so I decided to wear my new dress from River Island. I get a bit funny about wearing tight dresses when its hot, especially if I have to get the tube in so this was perfect because it is so floaty. I thought it print was so pretty and the waist tie was perfect for a big meal haha.
Gaucho have seemed to update their menu since the last time we went so we ended up spending a lot more than usual because Andrew wanted to try some of the new things as well. Usually, I can just about handle my steak but we went for starters this time as well - I had the tuna ceviche hoping that it wouldnt be too heavy and he went for the short ribs - mine was on a bed of smashed avo so I was happy. Then, of course I went for my usual fillet medallions whilst Andrew ordered the biggest steak on the menu - all delicious as always.

The only thing that I don't like about Gaucho is their choice of desserts. I think I've only ordered dessert at that branch once and that was when there was a sticky toffee pudding on the menu but I was far too full for that now anyway so we decided to skip dessert and go for an evening walk around London instead.

Knowing me, I'm sure you can guess what happened next! We got as far as Tottenham court road when dessert became a priority again. Luckily, I work around there and knew exactly what I wanted! I had spotted an ice cream in the co-op with Juanita earlier that week and stopped myself because I just couldn't justify it on a Wednesday afternoon whilst it was raining but this was the perfect excuse!

I love a tub of Haagen Dazs at home and they have just brought out these stick bars so I was really excited to try them. It was just the treat I needed for a late dessert.
Haagen Dazs ice cream is always so indulgent and creamy and they bars were the same. I went for the salted caramel one and the ice cream inside was packed full with chunks of sauce and fudge, coated with a layer on milk chocolate.

We ate them as we walked further through London..
And when they were finished we called an uber to take us home!

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