Oasis Drinks Giveaway

When I got the first email from Oasis Drinks about the idea behind this post, I thought they were bonkers! But we like a little bit of bonkers every now and then so lets just roll with it. 

Oasis wanted to help UK festival goers out with some of their biggest bugbears! Obviously if your going to a festival here, then your going to expect rain so they have created a rain mac to help keep you dry, nothing weird there, right? Wrong. 

You may be wondering what is that odd thing on Andrews head? Well, not being content with only fixing one problem and deciding to poke some fun at modern day life, Oasis fitted this blue mighty  mac with a funnel, so not only will this nifty coat keep you dry, it'll collect rain ready for you to drink when you get thirsty. All you have to do is enjoy yourself in the rain and when your ready for a drink, just turn the sleeve tap on! 

Dont forget a quick squeeze of Oasis Mighty Drops (handily stored in the pocket) to add some flavour to your drink! This raspberry and lemonade is delicious! 

Never again will you miss out on your favourite act because your standing in a queue at the bar. 

Want to win your very own Mighty Mac and some mighty drops for yourself?
*In collaboration with brand #AD


  1. It'd be great for going fishing!

  2. Omg this is so funny, what a brill idea. x

  3. on our long walks! this is great!!! (Kim Styles)

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