How To Enjoy Magaluf As A 20-Something

Andrew and I have recently had an amazing few days in Magaluf. Yes, I know what your thinking 'yeah amazing if you've just turned 18 but I couldn't think of anything worse at 23' well think again. Magaluf is not what you think it is anymore, done right, it can be a sophisticated, relaxing holiday and was just as good at my age, now as it was at 17 & 18 (yep, I've been 4 times now). I've done the bar crawls and booze cruises but Magaluf actually has alot more to offer, heres how we took advantage this time!

Stay at a Nice Hotel
We only went back to Magaluf again this year, because we love the ME hotel there so much, but there are actually quite a few really lovely hotels there nowadays. They seem to have done up all the old ones, leaving you with a choice of newly refurbished, sparkling clean hotels.

ME is a little pricier than the rest of Magaluf but for being so close to the strips (it's about a 5 minute walk), this hotel is about as far from the cheap, drunk Magaluf scene as you can get. Staying there seriously just made our holiday so it was totally worth it! Check out this post if you want to read more about what exactly I loved so much! I'm trying to convince Andrew we should take a trip back for my birthday in August.

Avoid The Strip 
If you haven't visited the Magaluf strip, dont worry it's exactly how it looks on TV. Promoters offering free shots outside every club, drunk girls on the floor and general madness in the streets and although we did take a walk down it one evening to have a look at what was going on, its not somewhere either of us would have enjoyed going out! However, Magaluf is home to Superclub, BMC which is one of the top 5 clubs in the world (and not on the strip) and that, we do like!

For €35, you entry to the main club where the acts play - Example was on the night we went and also entry to the club downstairs which will usually have some kind of water/foam party on. You get a load of branded rubbish be it a T-shirt, a cap, a beach towel etc and best of all, free drinks inside, all night! A little tip here - the premade cocktails are pretty delicious but if you really want to get drunk you need to order a spirit and mixer #DrinkResponsibly

I've been 15+ times now and I can genuinely say, I've had an amazing time every night!

Venture Out 
As much as I love Magaluf, it was nice to hop in a cab a couple of evenings and visit somewhere a little more sophisticated for dinner. We did Palma last time which cost us €20 each way and to be honest, it was a little bit boring so this time we took a trip to Port Adriano which was just a €7 ride away. We arrived just as the sun was setting to a beautiful marina full of yachts and lined lovely with restaurants! We picked the last one at the end and ordered all of the seafood! They had a live saxophone player who played all sorts of current music - there was even a lovely rendition of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. It was all very romantic.
We also had the most incredible three course meal at the St Regis hotel with was also a €7 journey in the other direction. I wrote a full review if you want to know more about this one -definitely worth a visit though!

Pay a Little Extra
 This time around, Andrew wanted extra leg room on the plane and it was a great decision, not only did we get extra leg room but the whole front of the plane was empty because no one else wanted to pay which was great! I know it was only a little thing but it gave the flight a whole extra level of luxury! 

I would also say that its worth paying for a private transfer from the airport. We didn't this time but if we go back we definitely will! The coach wasn't bad, it just took a long time and for €20 more we could have been at our hotel over an hour earlier and that means and extra hour in the sun!

Lastly, as I've said before, we paid for one of the more expensive rooms at the hotel and I would do it again and again!

Switch Off & Relax
We both actually enjoy just relaxing on holiday nowadays. We tried to switch off as much as possible and just enjoy being there and I really think just having that mindset did make a difference! Andrew asked his boss to change his work password so he couldn't check his emails even if he wanted too and I was constantly reminding myself to just put down my phone and concentrate on the here and now. I sent a few tweets but I didn't check on my blog, ebay or work emails at all.

Of course we got into a little holiday routine as you do. We loved spending time in the sea so we went out, bought a rubber ring and did just that all morning, then we went for a walk and had some lunch and then back to the hotel for a drink and then the room for a rest with the door open so we could have the music from the pool! Andrew loved to just sit on our balcony, we were on the 11th floor so it was a pretty good view! Everything was slow paced and we ate and drank as much as we wanted. We had the best time and both came back feeling refreshed and rested.


  1. Love the idea of doing magaluf differently, I haven't ever been before but I would really want to now xxx


    1. I love it there - would definitely recommend for a short break! x


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