Two Sky High Places To Spend Summer in London

From 17th June through to 30th September, The Sky Garden will run its Live Summer Sounds evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. We went along for the launch and it was such a lovely evening. The staff there had put on an incredible spread for us and didn't let our glasses empty though the whole night.  Drinks were flowing, the weather was perfect for the evening - we got to watch the sun set from the 35th floor - and the band added a whole new, lively atmosphere to an already buzzy place. Of course, it was a launch event filled with important people from the industry but Andrew and I will definitely be back over the summer bringing a bunch of friends with us.
The Le Méridien Summer Soirées at The Terrace Grill & Bar

Guests can enter the Sky Garden from 6pm, on weekdays and 9pm on Saturday with no minimum spend or ticket price. 

Another really lovely place to spend a summers evening this year is the new terrace at Le Meridien, Picadilly. Taking lead from their sister hotel, Le Meridein, Nice, they have transformed their terrace grill and bar into a chic and sophisticated french riviera pop up complete with a wooden board walk, stripey deck chairs with umbrellas and pétanque court so that visitors can indulge in a traditionally french game. Andrew and our new friend Rowan had a go whilst Sloan and I watched!

We enjoyed an evening of flowing champagne and sparkling vermouth, champagne & mandarin cocktails, live music and some lovely dishes ranging from Tuna salade nicoise, caramelised onions tarts and beef stew finished off with some beautiful desserts. 

Visit from 21 June until 20 September - Seven days a week from 12 noon to 10:30pm.



  1. These both look so lovely, really want to try them now!

  2. Both look like great spots!

    Sophie x


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