Five Reasons To Stay At ME, Mallorca

Our Incredible Room

We picked the Sea View Passion Suite last time and we picked it again this year because it was incredible - definitely the nicest holiday hotel we have stayed in. The suite has a big double bed but sleeps four if needed with a pull down bed which we didnt even notice! The room is open plan, very modern and huge. We loved the big white bed which happened to actually be comfortable and the TV that doubled at a mirror at the end of it - perfect lighting for selfies! I also took advantage of  the bathtub which was located next to the bed, by the window looking out to the sea. Plus we both loved to sit out in the sun on our 11th floor balcony and just watch what was going on. You can only see about a third of the room in this image - there was also room for the second bed behind me, a big purple sofa to the right and a bathroom to the left!

The Pool Bar

The pool bar at the hotel do the most incredible strawberry daiquiris and I indulged in at least one a day. Granted, they are quite expensive at €16 a pop but if your like me and don't actually enjoy drinking alcohol during the day, then a virgin one tastes just pretty amazing and comes in at half the price (€8). My first one of the trip came piled high above the glass and instantly got me in the holiday mood. A few days in, I discovered they also did a passion fruit version so I would switch it up between the two, although strawberry was my favourite! Get drinking fast though as to starts to melt within seconds of arriving in the Mallorcan heat! 


The location of this hotel was perfect for us. Firstly, it backs on to the beach which is always a huge plus! I love going to the beach but one thing that makes it so stressful for me if the prospect of my stuff getting stolen while I'm having fun in the sea. Being where it was meant that it was easy to quickly pop back to the room afterwards to pick up our stuff and then go straight off to lunch in less than ten minutes.

 It was also far enough away from the strip or any madness that you totally forgot you were even in Magaluf in the first place.

Adult Only Pool Area

There weren't many kids staying at the hotel in the first place but this little rule meant that the pool area was a really lovely, relaxing place to be at all times. No screaming, no splashing and no annoying children.

Theres a very high possibility to spotting a celebrity, or even better, a dog!

As we were leaving for dinner on our last night, we spotted a bus load of TOWIE cast arriving at the hotel - its where they stayed when they were filming The Only Way Is Mallorca! I'm pretty sure Mark and Michelle stayed there last year as well!

Apart from that, the ME chain is dog friendly and we'd often see them out at breakfast which meant it was kinda hard for me to go and stroke them. Although I was lucky one day to catch the cutest little puppy checking in with its owner at reception - much to Andrews dismay, I sat on the floor playing with it for 10 minutes before we left haha.

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