Mallorca Outfit Diary

A few weeks before we left, I realised that I have actually been wearing the same holiday clothes for the past few years, I just got really comfortable with my favourite pieces, the go to outfits and comfortable clothes but I decided that this year, I was going to go on a big shop and get myself some new bits and I  really enjoyed doing so! It was exciting to pull off a label and put on a brand new piece of clothing every day!

So I wanted to put together an outfit diary of a few of my favourite picks to share with you guys! Honestly though, I did spend alot of my holiday in a bikini and a bikini alone, sorry (not sorry)
 At first, I wasnt sure about this bikini! I loved the top when I saw it online but with the matching bottoms, not so much so I bought plain black ones to go with it. I also just wasn't convinced that the top fit me properly and then when I showed Andrew, he said put it in the maybe pile but I'm very pleased that I just decided to take all my new bikinis in the end becuase I fell in love with this one once I got to the beach. I pulled out the thick plastic label meaning the top fitted perfectly and I thought the paining looked great in the end! 

Top - River Island, Bottoms - ASOS, Havianas - Debenhams, Ray bans - Sunglasses Shop
This was a little later on in the holiday and I was just a little bit burnt so I wanted something light to wear while we were out and about. I picked up this white kaftan from GAP at my local shopping center, The Brewery, Romford, a few weeks ago and it was literally perfect for stuffing in my bag and throwing on when I fancied! I loved that the string pulled it in at the waist. After wearing flip flops for most of the week, Birkenstocks were a welcome comfort! 

Katfan - Gap at The Brewery, Birkenstocks - Jake Shoes, Mint Bikini - River Island 
Ok guys, I'm not gonna lie, this was our first day and I was on my period so I wanted something supportive for the top and something that covered my stomach for the bottom and this is what I came up with. I picked up the top at Lakeside on a major shopping trip a few weeks back and I think I would actually wear it as a bra back home with a low top over it so you can see the strappy detailing, it was super supporting and it looked great! The shorts are from last year and they have the prettiest tropical flowers printed on them. They are also super lightweight. 

Top - New Look, Shorts - Debenhams
 Oh look -another actual outfit and finally a little bit of colour! Ok so the shorts are old but I love my black shorts, they just go with everything and are the perfect length for me. The top however is new and has a pretty criss cross detail at the back plus I love the colour. Luckily, the pink was exactly the same as one of the pom poms on my new shoes so it was a great pairing I thought. Andrew bought these crazy sandals for me a couple of nights before we went, they are so fun and surprisingly they fit very well and are also comfortable!

Top - New Look, Shorts - Primark, Sandals - Linzi
You'll never guess where this one came from! Primark and it was only £13 - so cheap in fact that I also bought it in black as well but I didnt get a chance to wear it this time. Last year was the first time in a very long time that I went for a swimsuit, maybe you remember? It was very low cut and very daring for me but I did love it so this year, I wanted to push something else that I wasnt too used to - side boob but of course, I didnt want to over do it which is why I loved this so much, it showed just enough! 

 Swimsuit - Primark
And of course, this outfit, that I wore on our last evening taken on snapchat which is why its not great quality! The combination of the pretty print, deep colour and its shape caught my eye in Forever 21 last year. Its fitted at the top but acutally had a stretchy pannel at the back so it was perfect for my three course meal haha.
Which Outfit Is Your Favourite?


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