Celebrity Spotting!

Faces has alwasy been know for its celebrity visitors and last night did not dissapoint! We went for my birthday which gave me a great advantage of telling them all "its my birthday can i have a photo?"
Im very happy with this lot to add to my collection of TOWIE pics!! 

Im not sure if any of you see the resenbelance but we all think My friend Stefan, looks exaclty like Diagz! (see Below)

Had a great night either way! 

Tommy From MWHN

Diagz - TOWIE - He was great, spoke to him quite abit!

Tom - My Next Door Neighbour hhaha bet hes getting sick of hearing that now!

Mark Wright

Me, Stefan & Mark

Me, Stefan & Diagz

Me, Stefan & Diagz - Can we see the resembelance?

Jess Wright - She was really friendly :)

Me, Stefan & Diagz


  1. Oh my god, I think I just fell in love with Tom and Mark Wright a little bit more!

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