LIFESTYLE: Luxury Hot Chocolate From Whittard

I start to use lots of products when it gets cold that I dont really think about when its not - Like bath bombs from Lush, I used their shower gels all summer but wait until it gets cold before I start having a long relaxing soak. Its the same with this next product - I wouldn't think of drinking hot chocolate though the summer but as soon as it get cold its all I want!

I was sent this lovely luxury hamper of products from Whittard a few weeks ago! I received three different hot chocolate powders, one plain, one orange and one chili (Excited to try that one!) plus a huge tub of marshmallows (which as well as on my hot chocolate I have been munching though in from of the TV oops) plus two boxes of yummy treats to eat with my drinks - Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels and Milk Chocolate Caramel Coated Marshmallows which were amazing. As well as all tasting great, what I really loved about them was the packaging of each product, it is very muted and classic looking! This makes them perfect as christmas gifts!

Al I needed really was a can of whipped cream which I will be going out to get next week mmm. Since I didnt have any I just topped it off with the amazing little sugar coated, pastel marshmallows, which are the perfect size for hot chocolate, they all just melted into a layer of marshmallowy goodness and once I'd eaten that, I put more on and started again haha.

If your a hot chocolate lover then Whittard is the place for with so many different flavored hot chocolates, next on my list is the caramel and white hot chocolates.


  1. Sounds like an awesome package to receive! I love putting marshmallows in my hot chocolate :D


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