LIFESTYLE: LUSH Easter 2016 Bath Bombs

Yey, I love a little LUSH round up post here on Georgina Does and today it's a few pieces from the Easter range! I have a shower but I'm all about the weekend bath bombs at Andrew house (as you might have noticed) so although the range is full of all sorts from soaps, bubble bars and melts, I have picked out my three of the bath bombs show you guys.

Before I even opened my package I was hit with a super intense smell. The mix was full of lovely cirtrus scentss which of course are my favorite but this there was also a hint of intense sweetness to it. I wasnt sure which smell came from which to begin with but what I can tell you from the get go, is that I think these are my favourite smelling selection of Lush bath bombs ever!

First I have this super cute little yellow one! I think, exclusive to the Oxford Street store (I couldn't find it anywhere online), this one is called Spring Bunny. Its smaller that their usual bath bombs but for a little guy, it has a huge scent coming off of it! Zesty and uplifting thanks to the Sicilian lemon oil, moisturising thanks to that large amount of cocoa butter within and super super cute!

Once dropped in the bath, it's quite a strong fizzer, sending out waves of yellow and white and then right when you think that it, there's a surprise pop of color in the middle. I'll leave it to you to see what it is for yourself!
Humpty Dumpty is pretty big and a little bit scary looking if you ask me, although he smells
great. It's scented with citrusy Brazilian orange oil so you know it's going to be good in my books. He fizzes away quite quickly and leaves the bath a pretty blue which I really like.

 I later found out that he was bigger than usual because you can crack him open to find a little fried egg inside - so you are able to use this one over three baths if you wanted, that definitely justifies the £6.97 price tag, although when it comes to my baths it's go big or go home, I usually just throw the whole thing in.

 Lastly, I have the fluffy egg! So this one moves away from the citrus scents but I still absolutely lovely it because it takes on Snow Fairys scent instead. Everyone says it smells like sweets but for me, its a little bit more specific, I think it smells like peardrops and I love that.

Another that fizzes away very quicky and quite loudly as well leaving the bath a very deep, lovely shade of pink!
Have You Tried Any Of The Lush 2016 Easter Range?


  1. Lovely little haul! Love the sound of the Spring Bunny - gutted I didn't see it at Oxford Street! I love Fluffy Egg, so glad its an all year round one. I bought Bunch Of Carrots (which smell AMAZING and I'm gonna review today) and a little yellow bubble bar called Tweet I think it was - smells so citrusy and amazing! It's a toss up between that one and the golden glittery egg for me today! xx


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