THAILAND: My Molly Rosewolf Neoprene Triangl Bikini on Merlin Beach Resort, Phuket

Before I left I showed you guys my bikini collection, now that I have actually worn (most of) them I  wanted to give you a better review. I was able to photograph them on with a relevant background rather than just standing in my room like an idiot haha. 

 I only actually got a chance to wear three of them since we were so busy sightseeing, but I knew that my Triangl had to be one! Obviously these neoprene bikinis are a huge new craze - it was exciting for me to wear a bikini that wasnt made out of the conventional material! I loved how thick it was! 

I usually have issues with bikini tops, I have to buy size 16 for the cups but they have to tie with string so they aren't too loose, (this is also a problem if you cant buy seperate sizes, but luckily with Triangl, you can!) but I was super pleased with this top, I actually had to order a small so that it would fit my back as if a bandau is loose around the back you have no chance of keeping it up haha. Although the cup was a tiny bit small, not that anyone other than me would notice, I think I'm just used to very covering bikinis, it was super supportive and perfect size otherwise. It was so lovely to have a supportive bra but no wires omg so comfortable. It was perfect for all aspects that I wanted, playing around in the sea, sunbathing and jumping on Andrews back while he walked me around in the pool haha.

Since I was wearing such a pretty bikini, I thought why not take my super pretty Zatchel to the beach too - I know its not a conventional beach bag but since it was a private beach was just behind the hotel and I only needed a towel and sunglasses I thought it was the perfect opportunity - it looked amazing sparkling in the sun!

Finished it all off with my new Havianas which have put an end to my years of wearing £1 Primark ones although I didn't wear them for that long, know one in Thailand seems to we shoes that often haha
Molly Rosewolf Triangl Bikini
Molly Rosewolf Triangl Bikini
Molly Rosewolf Triangl Bikini
Bikini* - Triangl
Bag* - Zatchels
Havianas* - Debenhams


  1. WOW you can't beat a triangl bikini looks stunning xx

  2. Your figure is amazing!
    I'm so jealous and desperate for a holiday.

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