PRESSDAYS: #ChristmasInJuly

I have been to so many press days in the last two weeks that I though it would work better to put them all into one post! They are all Christmas previews which is so exciting because I love Christmas time toooo much! It's just magical!

Walking into the F&F press day in the extreme London heat was a breath of fresh air, or more a breath of icy air! The showroom was all white and full of ice sculptures - it was amazing! There were lots of pretty pastel jumpers, I especially liked the embellished ones! Another thing that caught my eye was the sparkly underwear sets which came in black and maroon and consisted of a sequin triangle bra and sequin high waisted briefs! They also had some lovely evening wear but my favorite item from the whole collection had to be the purple flocked kimono, they have somehow made a day time garment into a super classy evening cover up! I love it and as always the price points are so affordable!!
Just a quick pop into the So..? press event the other night to have a look at the 4 new fragrances all named after big cities - London, NYC, Paris and Rio! My fave of the 4 was actually Rio since its so fresh and fruity with notes of pineapple, mango and melon - yum! 
River Island
This was super exciting - I love River Island at Christmas so it was great to see it all before it hits the shops - so much sparkle and glamour! Lovely materials and textures with metallics, furs and sequins plus lots of amazing shoes as usual. They also had a BOBs lobsters outside where I got the most amazing lobster mac n cheese for lunch mmm
This was more home wear but the most christmassy event by far, I felt like I'd walked into someones living room on Christmas eve! There were the most beautiful christmas trees and decorations everywhere all sparkly and pretty and all in different colours and themes! There was also a huge gifts collection with literally had something for everyone there was so much choice! I cant wait to Christmas!!
Ann Summers
Held aptly in the Blow Room at the Soho Hotel (haha) I wandered into a room full of pretty underwear! I cant tell you about alot of this as its a secret for now! The new collection this year is very dark with lots of blacks and deep purples which I think its quite classy! Lovely new cuts and lots of pretty eyelash lace.
I always love Superdry in the winter and this year there was a lot of extra sparkle, I loved the sequin collars on the coats and the big fairisle knitted jumpers! annnd as always there was a huge range of branded gifts in all different colours!
 The last of my winter wonderlands for this week! Very was filled with festive tables settings and trees with beautiful decorations. As well as that there was a huge range of kids toys, make up and all sorts of other gifts anndd a rail of amazing christmas party clothes - How amazing is this green dress?!
I also went to a couple that I'm not allowed to say anything about yet - Lush Christmas collection and Kleenex new releases - but don't worry, as soon as I can, there will be posts about them too!

P.S - Sorry about the photo quality - I'm having SLR issues at the moment and all my phone photos look terrible but dont worry - Im getting it sorted!!


  1. Love your post! Are you on a blogger network/site to get invited to events like this? :) xx

  2. omg I was at the So...? Xmas press event too! Those german donuts thing were so good! and the make your own perfume stand! Love the other Xmas event pics!! xx


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