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Fajita night at my house is a huge occasion, we have a big announcement and everyone changes their plans so that they're home for it - Andrew even comes over especially haha so we are very familiar with Old El Paso products! I have worked with them before on my blog here with alot of their products that you also probably already know well so when I was invited along to see their brand new product launch, I was very excited to see it what it was!

The new products are Stand n Stuff soft tortillas - so instead of being flat and round like a pancake, they are bowl shaped so you can shovel in as much filling as you like and it wont slide out of the end haha. Definitely a great idea! We had a little introduction and then all piled into the kitchen to get cooking - we even made our own sour cream mmm I love sour cream!!

I put them to the test at home last night which actually was the first fajita night we have had in ages -  my family loved them! Especially Andrew as he is one to dump a load of meat in the centre and then make a huge mess trying to wrap it up and then even more mess trying to eat it so being able to put whatever he wanted in the bowl and then just eat it all worked well haha

Will You Be Trying Them Out?


  1. YUMMY this looks like so much fun,, definitely my sort of food xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. Such a great idea! It's true, the other ones do get quite messy and fall apart! I'll be looking out for these! x x


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