FASHION: Festival Style With Jack Wills

When Jack Wills got in contact about a competition they are running, I was super excited! I have grown up wearing them and they are still one of my favorite brands! I literally live in my JW tracksuit bottoms when I'm at home (I have the matching hoodie too haha) plus I have so many pairs of their knickers and loads and loads of tees!

For the competition, I have been asked to make a wishlist of my favourite festival pieces from the site which of course wasn't hard as there was so much I loved!

What Do You Think?
If your going to a festival, of course your going to need a big strong bag to keep everything in! There is an extra fastening over the front pocket to keep everything extra safe which is going to be great wen your dancing around. Plus I love the print!

I have been looking for the perfect chelsea boot for years and I think I just found them! These come in four different colours and are real suede leather, although they are perfect, so I would only take them to a festival if it wasn't a horrible muddy one!

You will need a wallet to keep all your very important things together, I.D, debit card ect. I love the tartan print all over this! Jack Wills have some really great prints in at the moment!

Another amazing print haha sorry for repeating myself again! Also would be great for the evenings if it was a camping festival, they are so comfy!

As well as their lovely patterns, I am obsessed with anything Jack Wills branded! I love the easy fit of this tee which should be great for dancing around in too!

These are super pretty and have lots of subtle detail all over them! I'm definitely more of a shorts and tee girl over a dress for a festival!

Again, I love the huge branding on this and I have the same one with pink text on it which I mentioned earlier! Super warm and snugly for the evenings!

This top totally didn't look like something from JW but I love it all the same. Its cropped, structured and has a cute cut out pattern.

Gotta have something cute to wear with those boots! 

Also as mentioned, I already have quite a large collection of these - they are my favorite underwear ever! I love the Jack Wills band and the material is very good quality - These would be a great addition to my collection!


  1. loved it, especially shorts. will surely try this.

    lots of love
    Jagdamba Sarees

  2. I just love jack wills so much, they cater so much more for everyday style and evenings now too and i love it xxx

  3. Wow, I love the backpack the print is beautiful (to be honest would never take it to a festival though, I'd destroy it in about 3 seconds and its far too nice!) :)


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