LIFESTYLE: Bittersweet Cocktail Bar, Soho

I'm always on the hunt for a good bar or club around London and I think I've just found a great new one to add to my list! Last Friday, Andrew and I were invited to come along and see the average after work Friday evening and sample some of their signature cocktails! Let me just tell you know - I'm super looking forward to going back again. It was such a great atmosphere, great happy hour prices, perfect location for us (right be a central line station) and yummy cocktails!

Bittersweet Soho is a little underground bar hidden just outside of kingly court! They do half price signature cocktails and £10 off of champagne from 5-8 on a Friday or Saturday or 5-10 Tuesday to Thursday! We arrived at 7.55 we took advantage of the five minutes we had left and ordered a bottle of prosecco with the £10 discount! After I had a glass of that I left Andrew to his bottle of prosecco while I decided to start of some of their signature cocktails!  The first one that caught my eye was the vanilla monk because it said "chocolate" in the description, I didn't read the rest and just ordered it on that and I'm glad I did as it was as it was delicious and my favourite drink of the night! It was like drinking sweet chocolate milk with alcohol - so yummy!

After another glass of prosecco, I finished off with my usual favs a raspberry Bellini and a pornstar martini which were both lovely! Fruity cocktails are the best! I love going out in London and as I said before, Andrew and I will definitely be back for after work drinks again super soon! Next time, I think we might book a cheeky nearby so we can make a whole evening of it party the night away and not have to worry about getting on a night bus afterwards!

Huge thanks for Bittersweet for having us along and also a cheeky shoutout to the staff who were super speedy with ordering and bringing all the cocktails!


  1. OMG I wanna go here so bad! I actually might book a table when I get paid

  2. That final cocktail looks sooooo good!


  3. Yummy these look delish, I recently had a rather nice cocktail trip to London, it's the best xxx


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