LIFESTYLE: #HelloSummerMoments with Costa Coffee

To celebrate Costa Coffee's delicious new Summer menu, they got in touch and asked me to take part in their #HelloSummerMoments challenge which of course I was very happy to do! I had loads of fun with it - I love a good blog challenge to spend the week thinking about!

I was sent an amazing little picnic basket filled with treats! I got one of each of the new menu cakes which were never going to last a long time in my house! They disappeared as soon as my dad and brothers arrived home haha Luckily I guessed this might happen and hid the white chocolate Blondie (which is my absolute favourite) so I could eat it myself later on! I also got  a £30 gift card to help me with my tasks, three pretty nail polishes, a Frisbee, clutch bag and a Champneys nail file and a note detailing my tasks! I feel like a secret agent spy reporting my findings back to you guys!

We were given four tasks to complete over five days - have a look how I did!

Ok so let me set the scene for where the majority of these were taken - Sunday morning, Andrew and I had spend the night in Covent Garden, stayed overnight in a hotel (more to come in a week or two) and wanted to pop into Costa before jumping on the train home, right? Well as we left the hotel, the heavens opened and its started pouring! Luckily for me, I brought along one of Andrews hoodies for the stay, unluckily for him, he decided to wear just a t-shirt and shorts haha we literally ran all the way to cover in Costa! I took of the hoodie and was dry. I turned around and saw this...
hahahahahahahah I couldn't stop laughing but then I felt like the worst girlfriend ever so I sat him down and got him a toasty and a drink - he soon perked up and dried off! Costa to the rescue!

Ok so now onto the tasks in hand! 

Take a #selfie with an item from Costa’s Summer menu

 I took this one possibly a little before he perked up (see photo) haha I was still in histerics but I felt bad laughing at him so I went off to take a toilet selfie and left him in peace with his toasty haha
 I also took these with that cheeky blondie that I hid away for myself earlier!
Prep your nails for summer with a ‘Costa Summer’ inspired mani

Since the mint green polish was my favourite of the three that were in the hamper and taking some inspiration from my favourite flavour combination from the summer menu, I ended up with mint green nails with chocolate syrup dripping down them! I was quite proud of myself with theses, they took me less that 10 minutes and all I used was a tooth pick. #Skillz
Showcase a Summer outfit whereby an item from Costa’s Summer menu is the ultimate accessory

Again, taking inspiration from the mint flavours and the perfect time to wear my new top from Primark, I went for a green outfit which I kept dry with Andrews lovely hoodie - Here's me in Costa accessorising my minty look with my minty drink - we could be twins, all I need is a flower/mint crown!
Introduce/treat a friend/family member to an item from Costa's Summer menu!

Well obviously, I had to introduce Andrew to my favourite cake since it missed out to a toastie the day before! I bought one and took it home to share with him in bed for breakfast the next morning!
I hope you guys all enjoyed reading about my challenge with Costa and be sure to check the # to see what everyone else has been up to!

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