LIFESTYLE: The Underground Cookery School With Quorn

Soo you may remember I went to The Underground Cookery School recently and had a blast, so of course when I was invited back to another event there I jumper at the chance!

This time it was with Quorn! I popped along super early as usual and was greeted with a glass of bubbly and some snacks. I was a bit suspicion of the sausage rolls - I thought this was meant to be a vegetarian thing but they looked and tasted exactly like sausage rolls! Apparently there were actually Quorn - you got me guys, I was shocked and impressed at the same time!

When the rest of the girls arrived we had a little presentation - apparently there are already 118 products out with pork pies being their newest release! They are now looking to get meat eaters involved as well as the veggies because as well as being vegetarian friendly Quorn actually has a lot of health benefits like being high in fibre and low in salt and sugar!

We then got to the cooking. We didn't get to cook the Quorn ourselves which was probably for the best as I would have had no idea what to do with it but we did do alot of other fun stuff like making our pasta which was great - I've never done that before! plus we made the same dessert again which was my favourite part of both meals mmmm!

It's very odd, I've enjoyed the events at the underground cookery school so much that I've actually wanted to start cooking real food at home haha. Probably going to start with cakes and desserty stuff because I love the decorating part at the end but after that I am going to try to move on to bigger and better things! I definitely want to try making my own pasta again!

Thanks Quorn for another super evening!
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  1. Pork pies? I've never had a pork pie in my life but I'll be willing to give it a go :) the trick with quorn is once it's hot all the way through you can eat it. It's a little bit dryer than meat but you can mix it in recipes pretty much the same way. Like hearing frozen mince till it's defrosted then sticking it straight into a lasangue( my boyfriends favourite) unlike normal mince when you have to fry and brown off. If me and Chris are eating together we eat quorn and things like chicken nuggets, mince and sausage rolls he prefers quorn as they taste pretty much the same but are healthier.


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