FASHION: Bjorn Borg

Today, I want to introduce you to a brand I had heard of but didn't really know much about until recently - Bjorn Borg!

Bjorn Borg were a brand when I only ever saw foreign guys wearing when I went on holiday, they would always wear a pair of Bjorn Borg boxers under their swimming trunks, am I the only one who sees this? Andrew didn't know what I was talking about! Anyway, they always caught my eye because they were such bright colors! I thought they were just a mens thing so when they offered to send me some, I was a bit like, "well,  what do you want me to do with mens underwear?" haha luckily for me they also do a womens range!

I was sent a few bits and pieces! Some bright socks which will always be used, love the designs! Then some cute lacey bits - I got a black lace vest top which is super sweet, a lovely little black lace bandeau with pastel polka dots which I could quite possibly wear as a crop top haha and these cute little knickers and a lace triangle bra which come all wrapped up in these tubes - they would make for great presents plus the triangle bra is the comfiest thing ever!

Do You Wear Bjorn Borg?


  1. If they wanted to send me some bits I'd totally wear them!

  2. I like that orange frilly set! To be fair I haven't seen the brand around alot but I know of them so it's good they're branching out with womenswear too x

  3. I love the underwear how cute xx


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