FASHION: Ping Pong Dinner Date

Earlier this week I went for dinner and cocktails with Charlotte - I introduced her to Ping Pong dim sum and taught her to use chopsticks haha. The food was super yummy and so filling we only ordered 6 dishes between us are were both stuffed by the end of it! They also have a great happy hour which meant £3.50 cocktails for us! We both have a new craze for passionfruit so thats why they are all yellow hah.
Though i might as well show you guys my outfit as well! This is a usual thing for me, skinnies, a t-shirts and boots. The cute little tee says Petit Bateau Paris on it which is the name of the brand and translates to Little Boat Paris. It's super soft and there is always room for another grey tee in my wardrobe. I also had to give a little mention to my amazing new backpack from Gola would you believe!? They have a little range of prints from Libery and I loved this purple florally one. There is loads of room inside, a few zip pockets and a drawstring to keep everything safe! Plus you may recognice my lovely Superdry boots? Last time I dressed them up and this time they are casual - very versatile indeed with just the right size heel to make a difference but not be uncomfortable!

Tee* - Petit Bateau
Jacket* - Madam Rage
Jeans - Primark
Boots* - Superdry
Backpack* - Gola


  1. Passionfruit is my fave, especially in cocktails! Love the outfit too :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  2. Wow pretty! Try to visit they have nice dresses and accessories too!

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