FASHION: Festival Style With F&F

oh look another outfit post, hopefully they are going to be a bit more frequent again since Andrew has agreed to start taking my photos again haha! I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it online! Its a matching two piece set from F&F which I picked out from their festival range! It is actually a normal shape tee which I tired up in the front to give it more of a festival vibe but will undo in the evenings when it gets cooler and shorts with a stretchy waistband which is amazing from me because I go from normal to totally bloated with one bite of a sandwich!

I have just realised that I didnt really think about the featival part of this when I paired it wll with my super huge heels! If I was at a festival I would almost definitely be wearing my black and white converse as they are just so comfy and practical!

Two Piece* - F&F
Heels* - SpyLoveBuy


  1. this is such a gorgeous two piece! I'm so in to co-ords at the moment! x

  2. Love the two-piece, and you're right it'd be such a cute look at a festival. I'm seeing gumboots or combats that are halfway to heaven :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I love floral on black!

  4. Lovely outfit, it really suits you. :)


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