LIFESTYLE: My 24 Hours Without Technology

Last week, Insurance 2 Go challenged me to try and go 24 hours technology free! This was one of the first emails that I had to have a serious think about before I accepted! Both my mum and Andrew laughed at me when I told them what I was going to do!
 I decided that I was going to replace my phone with a notebook, this was my best idea - I wrote over 7 pages of notes!!

 I started on Saturday night at around 9pm, probably not such a great idea as my parents were out, Andrew was out and my brothers spent most of the night in their rooms eating pizza so it was just me and Molly. Luckily for me, one of them had left the TV on (as per usual) and American Pie was about to start, it doesn't count if I didn't touch the remote right?! So that was me sorted until Andrew arrived at 11pm - prearranged of course!

I stayed at his house as the next day we were off to a big family event for Andrews baby cousin!! In the morning while he was showering, I did miss reading all the stupid news stories that get posted on my newsfeed over night - the day before I spent 45 minutes reading about a woman who spent 14 hours in TGI Fridays to see how many mozzarella sticks she could eat - she only managed 32! But today, I had to settle with an actual newspaper, not so fun! 

In the car, on the two hour journey, I realised that Andrew was near enough ignored me, I looked around to see him messaging someone on his phone, or what he now likes to call it, his technology! I didn't realise we spend so much time on our phones when we were together! He wasn't very pleased when his signal disappeared - You don't need any signal for a notebook!!

Once we arrived the rest of the day flew by and I didn't even notice I wasn't using my phone! We watched the ceremony, had a few drinks, a yummy BBQ in the beer garden, cake and then it was 5pm already! I got home by 7 in the pouring rain, chatted with my mum for a while, got myself sorted out and by the time that was all done it was 9pm!!!

Things I Missed
5 Tweets
40+ Junk Emails
3 Important Emails (One about a Job!!)
3 Snapchats
3 Facebook Notifications
36 Instagram Notifications
6 Kik Messages From Andrew (Who knew I was on the ban and was just trying to annoy me)

Times I touched Technology 
I watched 4 hours of TV - I didn't touch the remote though.
I picked up my phone countless times though the day but stopped myself.
I texted my parents to let them know that I was going out at 11pm because I forgot to tell them before they went out for dinner.
I posed for a few photos and asked Andrew to take a few so I had some for this post - but didn't take them.

Do You Think You Would Survive?


  1. This is such a good idea!! I might have to do the same thing!

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  3. I love the idea of doing this! x

  4. amazing xoxo


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  5. Haha, this is such a funny post, I think I would really struggle! You did well! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. I don't think I could survive- even when I was on holiday I had to have my phone just so I could tell the time! Although this weekend I realised how much me and Chris ignore each other. I sat waiting fir my hair too cool in roller for 10 minutes and Chris ignored me 3 times because he was on his phone- I think we will both have to try some sort of ban this weekend.

  7. Hey hun!

    Firstly, I LOVE your dress in the pics - what a gorgeous print!

    Secondly, I think a technology free day is a great idea! I always do it when i'm on holiday as it i feel it makes it even more relaxing! But I think it would be a lot harder to do it on a normal day at home - will give it a try though!! :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  8. This is such a good challenge! I'd love to do something like this :D I'm normally good at this when I'm on holiday as I don't really need it but I think at home it would be good to try out and see what happens :D good on you for doing it though!

  9. I looove this challenge! When I was in Fiji I went without technology/the internet for 10 days. It was honestly the most freeing experience (although being on a beautiful desert island helped)... Love that cake and your dress!

    Tara x


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