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On Monday, I decided that I was going to stay in all day and night and prepare my stuff for Thailand, well half of that went straight out of the window when I received in invite to The Underground Cookery School that night for a summery cookery lesson followed by dinner and drinks! How could I seriously turn that down?! Especially after I was sent the menu which looked amazing!

Starter - Salad of Sea Bass, fresh Pea & Mint with Lemon Dressing

Main - Roast Breast of Chicken with Salsa Verde, Broad Beans & Jersey Royals 

Dessert - Strawberry Meringue Roulade

"Everyone is encouraged to have a laugh and get hands-on at their own pace, with our team there to make sure there’s not too much burning or curdling going on. That way when your meal is served, it’s to a very good brasserie level."

I arrived at The Underground Cookery School that evening to find that it actually was underground (lol) A huge kitchen plus a lovely big wooden table all set up with cutlery and glasses. Obviously, we started the night with a glass of Prosecco and lots of canapés that the chefs had prepared for us!

After getting a little bit drunk we were split into two groups and made a start on the meringue for our desserts. Next up my group got to learn how to fillet a fish, we also got to learn how to de-breast a chicken - two things that have never though about doing before but and now very pleased to be able to say I have done #ProudMoment haha. After all that hard preparation work and drinking lots of prosecco, we all sat down to eat the meal we had prepared and the chefs had cooked, definitely glad we weren't left to actually cook the food hahah 

The meal itself was super yummy and I enjoyed all three courses, the dessert the most of course!
  Huge Thanks To The Underground Cookery School for the invite and a great night!

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