FASHION: Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz by New Look

New Look challenged me to write about what my ultimate summer experience would entail and to be honest, it already happened this summer! I had the most amazing trip of my life exploring somewhere that I had grown up hearing so much about and it didn't disappoint! We were busy every single day visiting temples, markets, elephant riding haha, exploring the nightlife and eating the most amazing food and fruits everyday! Not to mention seeing all the amazing culture of Thailand plus snorkeling in the clear waters around Phi Phi. #TakeMeBack
I then took their Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz by New Look and it came up with:
Image of Barbados Barbados
You’re a reggae rebel! If Barbados is good enough for Rihanna, then it’s safe to assume this tropical getaway has got it all. From lively carnivals to BBQs with bubbly locals, you’ll be immersed in the colourful culture, with plenty of time to also shy away on the beach. With turquoise waters and coral reefs, there are a million excuses for winding down with a cocktail by your side.

 Sounds good to me! Andrew and I have already been discussing our next holiday and since there is no way I want to go back to a boring spain holiday now and the Caribbean islands are somewhere that I've always wanted to see - especially if we could pop off to Florida for 2 weeks in Disney beforehand!!

I tag Jodie to take the quiz next!!


  1. Looks like you had a fab holiday! :) x

  2. WOW Thailand looks so beautiful!
    OoOoOo, Disneyland! DO IT!


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