THAILAND: Our First Day At Merlin Beach Resort, Phuket

So here it is, the most amazing holiday I have ever been on is over so I though I'd share a few snippets with you all! These photos were all taken on our first full day in Phuket. (I'm not sure how in order all these posts are going to be haha, We got to Phuket 5 days into the holiday) We actually arrived the night before in the middle of a storm and we were super sad when we checked the weather and saw that it was meant to be stormy all week. Luckily, it was just a bad day and we woke up the next morning to very bright, hot sunshine and the birds singing in the palm tree over our balcony which was something I loved waking up to! It was crazy, there were coconuts growing on them too! It was definitely alot hotter here than in Bangkok which meant I could wear all the crop tops and shorts that I'd packed! 

Motel Rocks - Forever 21 - Havianas 
We started the morning by meeting with our holiday rep and booking a couple of amazing things to do while we were there (more to come on that) and then went for breakfast. This was out view. It was amazing!!
We then spent the day walking around and exploring the resort where we came to find that it had a private beach at the back and the most amazing swimming pools ever! We booked ourselves a few treatments in the spa and then straight to the pool!
Remember to keep an eye out for my next Thailand post!


  1. wow, thailand looks amazing! glad you had a lovely time x

  2. Looks amazing, the water is so blue! Glad you enjoyed it xx


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