THAILAND: Tips For Thai Currency, Baht

My recent trip to Thailand was my first holiday without my parents outside of Europe which meant I was in charge of my own money. Euros are easy enough but Baht are completely different. One Baht is currently around 18p which means its around 55 Baht to £1, got it?

I did get to grips with it pretty fast but here a just a few things that I picked up along the way which would have been very helpful to have know before:

Exchange Rates
Whenever I've been away in the past I always got my money sorted in England first, I've never gotten my money changed up in the country itself, so this may be obvious but to me it wasn't haha. The exchange rate is always better from an exchange kiosk rather than the hotel, not that I cared too much while I was away, I normally changed it up in the lobby as it was much easier.

Writing On Notes
Andrew tried to change up a £20 in the hotel but they wouldn't take it because someone had written a number which was partially over the image of the queen. Apparently no where in Thailand will take a note if anything has been drawn over the queen so double check before you leave!

Traveler's Cheques. 
I was clueless before leaving. I really was, all I had was the fact that my dad went to Thailand loads when he was younger so I just went with whatever he said. Wrong move haha of course the world has changed in the years from then to now duh, wish I had realised that sooner. My dad told me to get travelers cheques like he did so before my trip I went to the bank and got £500 worth - don't get me wrong, it was all fine but my life would have been just a bit easier if I did what the modern world do and just use a card and an ATM machine. Every time I wanted to change one up it took 10 minutes of filling in forms plus some places didn't take them and the ones that did took a commission. So it's do-able, I'm just not sure I'd do it that way again haha.

A Penny
I started to realise that now and again we were getting 1 or 2 baht less change than we should have been. Obviously that isn't really a problem but it was just strange. I don't know if they have the equivalent to an English penny or maybe they just don't use them. The bill would always come to something like 300.50 or 300.75 but we would only every get a full baht in change, does that make sense haha I don't know,  just thought I'd point it out.
One last thing I had a big of an issue with was getting over excited that I had loads on money when I was holding a 1000 Baht note when in reality I was holding about £20 and getting upset when I had to hand over a 20 Baht note for a bottle of water when in reality, that translates to around 40p. Every now and then I just had to remind myself, this is not England anymore haha relax!

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