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More and more often recently, I am finding amazing little gems in supermarket clothing's stores! They are getting really good with their choice of stock and I've been really impressed with all of them! The best part is that they are always so much cheaper than the usual high street shops! 
Todays wishlist all comes from different supermarkets!
F&F At Tesco

I am loving all the tropical prints on F&F at the moment and was super shocked to see they even had a co-ord! Definitely want to get hold of that, its so cute! 

I bought my last bomber jacket from F&F and its my favourite one so they are now my go to site whenever I'm looking for one, and I love this monochrome one, I actually don't have a black and white one so it would be a great addition to my collection!

Tu At Sainsburys

I found the website a little bit awkward to use so I didn't get to see many items but this dress jumped out at my straight away! The print is super cute and the shape is really pretty and at £22 its such good value for money.

George At ASDA 

Anything that reminds me of Thailand is a must at the moment and this pineapple bag certainly does that! While I was out there I ate more fruit than I ever have done before and I actually enjoyed it! There were fresh, juicy pineapples, melons and mangoes everywhere!

As for the jumpsuit, there were a few things that I loved about it! Firstly the print is lovely, tropical is just the best! Next I like the one shoulder style and lastly I like the fit of it! All good to me!

They also do the super cutest little kids range too - So perfect for my cute little cousins, I loooovee this food print tee!!

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  1. wow! these are all super cute! My favorite is the pineapple purse and the dress right on the right!


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