LIFESTYLE: New Summer Menu At Pizza Express, South Woodford

Pizza Express have a new summer menu which Andrew and I were invited to come and try! I seriously haven't been to Pizza Express since I was about 15, but what I have come to realise is that just because your in Pizza Express, you don't need to eat a pizza! 

The restaurant was so lovely, bright and airy as we walked in, it was a really nice place to spend the evening! I saw the most amazing looking drink on the new menu which of course I had to order, poor Andrew, he was driving so stuck with an appletiser! Anyway my drink had a name, he was called The Hugo and consisted of elderflower, prosecco and mint leaves, I could have drunk quite a few Hugos. He was tasty! haha

We started with some garlic bread and doughballs which were both lovely and soft and yummy. For mains, Andrew went for his predictable chicken and chorizo pizza but I wanted to try something from the new menu so I went for the Leggera summer salad which I really wasn't too sure about when I ordered since it was a mix of salad leaves, chicken, cheese and fruit, very odd but when I got stuck in, it  was so yummy! I sometimes find I'm not always satisfied after a salad but not this time. There was loads of moist chicken, yummy soft cheese and little blueberry explosions.

For dessert I tried another dish from the new menu which was sorbet and fruit and on the waitresses recommendations, Andrew tried the chocolate cake which were both as delicious as the rest of the meal!

Another amazing point I though I'd better tell you - both my main and dessert were part of the Leggera range which meant between them both, I'd eaten less than 600 calories! Aaaaaazing

Have You Been To A Pizza Express Lately?

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