The Barmitzvah

It was kinda a while ago now but i still wanna post some photos. A Barmitzvah in the jewish religion in when a 13 year old boy becomes a man, you do all the religous readings on the saturday and have a big party on sunday night to celebrate. My little brothers was a great night held at Gilgamesh, an amazing egyptian/moroccon (i thnink) resturant in Camden Town.. very posh!! I loved my outfit! It wasnt very typical for a barmitzvah but neither was the whole event, it was a bit more of an updated version.

i was  Jones and jones have an amazing range of very feminine skirts and dresses and i just love how they all stand away from the body, Gold was perfect for the occasion. Then a lipsy crop top with big shiney sequins :) very comfortable and veryy showyy. also i got to keep with my style but still look respectful for such an important event. Got my new look wedges on that i was saying about earlier and had my hair done completely different from normal and fake eyelashes. Not like me to wear make up tho.

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