May Day

Jumper - River Island Sale - £15
Jeans - Primark - £7 hahah
Converve - Hong Kong (Hand delivered by my Dad ) - £10

Today i went shopping with my grandparents in basildon, had a nice day with them but the shops were not up to scratch today! i only found somthing in the last one which was H&M and was just a little skater dress, its the cheapest place ive found them and they come in really nice colours
 - Bright pink and like a banana yellow.. i love bright colours <3 

so what did i wear? somthing comfortable but coool at the same time, they lovie all things bright aswell so i thought they are gonna love this jumper gotta wear it today, and they did hahah. #When i saw this jumper in the sale i had to have it so Andrew bought it for me which was nice of him after a long day of shopping at lakeside. Im not normally into itchy granny jumpers but the colour jsut caught me and i  couldnt put it down.. there was an orange one also but andrew only wasnted to get me one so it was this one, only... long story haha i got home and i felt guilty leaving the other one at the shop, so i went abit crazy and in the end andrew ended pu driving back to lakeside the next day to get it, ok i saound mad but when you see my ornage one you will understand.
These shoes were a present from my dad from when he got trappen in hong kong for a few weeks uhho remember the crazy volcano eruption? Well my dad flew to Honk Konk like a day before they exploded and was stuck there for ages.. even so, i wish i went with, it sounds so amazing apparently there were stalls stacked with converse which translated to around £10 a pair and thats where these are from. I love the oriental style and culture i think its designs and colours are reallly pretty.

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