The first of a few gift guides I have planned. Part One 

Models Own 

This lovely Models Own Lux gift set contains 4x 10ml Nail Polish plus a roll of gold nail tape and a golden cuticle pusher which can be found at Superdrug for £7. I think the gold packaging looks great and really adds to the Lux look plus I love the polish colours!


If like me, you like to dabble is coloured hair, Bleach is the brand for you! This spin the bottle set (£12) is amazing as you get a little bottle of six different colours and they wash out after a few washes so you get a chance to try them all! When I dyed my highlights earlier this year, this would have been perfect although you wouldn't get a full long haired head dyed with these!
Next gift set includes a pencil case, stickers and three hair crayons and costs £10. The hair crayons come in the same shades as some of the dyes so you can have a mess around with temporary colours to see if you like them!
And also from Bleach is this snow globe (£5) that you can add your own photo too! These are super fun and have little holographic hearts floating around!


This stuff smells amazing, as do most of the products in this gift guide! If a product smells good then you are going to smell good when you use it right?! This Petit Rose Duo is one of their special christmas sets and costs £9.

Neal & Wolf

I featured Neal & Wolf in my last years gift guide and I'm featuring them again here with a different products as I love the brand! AURA is the brand new Hair & Body Fragrance and it is ideal for a gift. It smells lovely - very fresh and florally.


I always love a new can of Batiste because they come in so useful and there's always a new design to add to my collection - they make for great stocking fillers! My newest one is the orange on on the end from the care and vitality range which is enriched with mandarin oil and is suppose to make hair healthier, stronger and smoother!

Watch Out For Part 2! 

*Alot of these products were sent to me for my gift guide although I chose each one and all thoughts on them are my own


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