BEAUTY: My Morning Mane with got in touch last week to tell me about a new campaign they are running. Basically as their new TV advert is all about a lion having his mane styled in a barbers, they are running a competition to find the UK's Best 'Morning Mane'. 

So yesterday, I thought I'd better just get it over and done with haha. I actually didn't realise how much of the morning I spend totally dazed because I still look just as tired after the second photo. I sleep with my hair tired up so when I wake up it usually all over the place, half tied up so the first thing is to take out my hairband and straighten it out. I hardly ever brush my hair so its just about pulling it all to the same level and running my fingers through it to fix any big knots. 

 Next up I put in my lenses because I have come to realise that, although I don't do much with my hair, doing anything at all with your hair is a super pain when you have glasses on. Now is also eyeliner and teeth brushing time! 

 Then lastly (not many steps I know haha) and not ever day but quite often I will spray in some Batiste, sometimes because it looks greasy and Batiste is the best thing for that but sometimes just because it looks a bit flat. Usually, I will go straight to my dark brunette can because its brown rather than white and that means less faffing about trying to get rid of the white powder. Although, after being sent a sample, I have recently been using their brand new scent called Eden which is exclusive to Superdrug and Limited edition. It smells of sweet melon and honeysuckle and its has become my favourite scent that they have ever brought out - its sweet and reminds me of eating melon in the garden during the summer - so good!
Anyway guys, prepare yourself for my before and after shot:You guys can enter too (here) if your brave enough
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