G-Gs gorgeous glitz

So here is the first of the products i promised to tell you all about last week!
im a sucker for phone cases and all things sparkely so if your like me, you should get down to G-G Gorgeous Glitz

 Run by london based 23 year old Ashen Richmond, who btw is great to work with, got the phone case made and sent to me really quickly and amazing when it comes to replying to emails! 

Follow the twitter @GGsglitz as there is where you will keep up to date with the company, products and photographs

Their prices start from as low at £10 for a phone case and go up for around £35 with real Swarovski crystals, So theres something for everyone
Not only do the make phone cases, they also sparkelize shoes! you have to check them out

The case i got was handmade and done well at that! One aspect of it that i really liked was the fact that there wasnt little gaps that you would somtimes get with round crystals! They had the brilliant idea of filling the holes with Glitter!! Woo, that meants extra sparkle and no annoying empty space. I had a little pick at it to see how secure they were and everything stayed put. One more thing i like about it is that the crystals are all differnt size, so its not all uniform and boring!

But by all means, take a look for yourself, here are some photos of the beautiful case i was sent

 What do you think?


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